Kickin' It K9's and Friends
Animals have a positive affect on our emotional and physical well-being.  We are relational beings, animals can meet many core psychosocial and emtional needs, enriching our lives. Animals help us adapt to stressful situations, they can provide pleasure, relaxation, deep affection, steadfast loyalty, security and constancy in our ever-changing fast pace lives.  

Research points to the benefits of human-animal bonding to promote child development, to aid elderly care, mental illness, physical impairment, dementia, abuse and trauma recovery, and the rehabilitation of incarcerated youth and adults.

Interacting with Pets and Animals is a fulfilling positive outlet, providing a nurturing, compassionate, loyal relationship. Whether you are able to own a pet, volunteer or work with animals or simply enjoy observing them, allow animals to provide a pure, unselfish, healthy companionship! 

Animals don't have to be your whole life...but having animals within our lives, can make us whole!
"Negative Behavior shouldn't be ignored, tolerated or dismissed....and leaving someone out, saying bad words can be as hurtful as fists."
"If someone hurts you never keep it inside, find someone to talk to and bend their ear....talking about it releases the pain, give it a try there is nothing to fear."
"Be a kind friend, know when a joke goes to sensetive as mean words scar."
**The Kickin' It K9's want to see how you interact with your animal friends. Share a story of how your pet or an animal makes you feel. Every story submitted with receive a Kickin' It K9 Magnetic.  Your story could also be featured on Kickin' Its Social Media Sites**

**Have your school create a Kickin' It K9 Mascot. The Mascot can be any K9 or animal friend. It must have a positive adjective in the name with an antibullying slogan. If the Kickin' It K9s choose your schools Kickin' It Mascot. Kickin' It will will incorporate your Mascot into the campaign and the Kickin' It K9s will send everyone in your school a Kickin' It K9 fun pack which includes: The Kickin' It K9 card and Magnetic, along with  a few surprises from their friends**

**Write a story including animals as the main characters, each having a positive name and a Bullying situation that they combat or an antibullying word that gives them powers, any creative story imaginable.

Send your story to Kickin' It and those stories that are unique, could be highlighted on Kickin' Its Social Media Sites.

At times we all feel really down, when you aren't feeling good inside....
allow loved ones or animals to be by your side.  
Please, please as upset as you may get...
turn to a positive, healthy outlet. 

Never, ever raise your hands to strike others or an animal friend...
it will break a trust, placing your relationship on a road that can not mend.

Mistreating people and animals will never make things better or make the pain go away....
you will hurt more inside, so do not let those who love you pay.

Release your negative aggression and pain in a healthy way...
exercise, write, draw, dance or let the music play.

You will be fulfilled by not hurting others or yourself, gaining confidence and building strength from within....
by being positive is the best way to knockout's a fight you can win!

      ~Kickin' It K9's: ChaCha, Destiny, Daisy, Jersey
"No matter your size, coloring or pedigree...
we all deserve to be treated equally"
BULLYING...We're Kickin' It
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