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Physical Fitness is a positive outlet that improves your health, your state of mind, your energy level...your complete overall well being is contributed to healthy forms of physical activity. Whether you are or aspire to be a champion within a sport or feel refreshed after a casual stroll...get active!! You will reap the benefits on multiple levels!

Statistics show obese children are 1.6 times more likely to be bullied than non-obese children and overweight children 1.1 times more likely to be bullied than their portion-weighted peers.  Teaching youngsters to turn to healthy mental, physical and natural choices will increase their self-image, energy and overall well being.

Being overweight is not the indicator of unhealthy food choices, in fact added weight can be gained by not consuming enough of the proper foods or simply the lack of physical movement.  Special dietary needs are required during the teenage years. Poor food choices and lack of physical exercise results in added weight, as does pimples, rashes, cold sores, oily hair, fatigue, lack of concentration and a number of issues that youngsters encounter, making them insecure and vulnerable.

A big part in developing self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem is having proper eating habits! When possible avoid processed, canned and fried foods or high sodium meals like TV dinners. Eat fresh from a farmers markets or pick your from an orchard. Try to choose organic when at all possible.

Developing good eating habits increases the nutrient density of our food and that provides the energy we need to feel good about ourselves, by fueling a healthy self-esteem we avoid a vulnerable emotional place where negative behavior would have an effect.

In addition to healthy food choices it is a crucial to keep active! Limit time in front of the TV and Computer! Any form of physical activity will increases ones mental, physical and overall well being.

**Share your positive outlets with Kickin' do you keep Mentally, Physically, Emotional and Spiritually Fit? Post a note or send us an email, Kickin' It may include it in the AntiBullying Bulletin.  If your story inspires Kickin' It, you could receive a Kickin' It Naturally Health Care Package!  Kickin' It Gym Bag, stuffed with a Signed Campaign Role Model Card, Kickin' It T-shirt and Healthy Goodies provided by Everything Natural Too

**Be a Healthy Leader in your School, Get everyone active with the classics, that welcomes and encourages All Students to Participate: Hopscotch, HackySack, Hot Potato, Duck-Duck Goose, Line Dancing, or Create a Unique Physical Activity...any healthy, safe and fun way that gets Everyone in your school Moving!

Record and Send Kickin' It a copy! If it is motivational and inspiring, Kickin' It will share it in the Anti-bullying Bulletin. Kickin' It may choose to incorporate the activity into a campaign program crediting your school, your school could also receive campaign wristbands and gift card to a local athletic outlet store.
Muay Thai is my Mental & Physical Outlet
~2010 North American Muay Thai Champion
Chris Romulo
A Positive Mental & Physical Health is Crucial for Youngsters to Help Overcome Negative Behavior.
              ~Movie Star Sylvester Stallone
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Nothing compares to personal knowledge and one-on-one interaction!
George and LoriAnn 
Monroe, NJ
Campaign Spokeperson Pro MMA Athlete Tyler' Melee' Minton
'What ever your sport...
Get Active.
Keep you Healthy &
MMA Heavyweight Fabricio Werdum
UFC Athlete Kurt Pellegrino
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