Kickin' It is not just protesting against Bullying behavior, Kickin' It is combatting negative behavior on every level with a center where schools, children and families can turn to long after school ends. Kickin It provide schools with the tools and resources to create peaceful classrooms. We all have to take responsibility of how our actions affect each other, we all need to be a part of the action that creates positive change. 

In order to create positive change we all must work in unison, Kickin' It works with schools, the students, their guardians and the entire community. Inspiring and encouraging 'unity' displays a strong and powerful bond that will ensure positive change!  Kickin' It offers a personal approach visiting schools, gyms, martial art centers and sporting venues across America introducing the campaign, interacting with the youngsters and families while offering comfort to the community.

Kickin' It will join with any school, athletic center, organization or company to implement programs, tasks, contests, activities, monthly exercises, workshops, fundraiser's, personal private messaging centers, support centers, interactive assemblies, events and community gatherings to unite to knockout bullying on every level.

Kickin' Its powerful approach, forgoes labeling youngsters, its core focus is to help encourage every youngster to build and in some cases balance, their self-confidence and self-esteem by participating in healthy outlets; art, dance, animal care, music, athletics, etc., any way to turn negative aggression into positive energy.  The Kickin It Center provides healthy outlets for our youth, will have an overall positive effect throughout the community.

Together...We Can Knockout Bullying!
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NJ - Long Branch Middle School  w/Muay Thai Champ Chris Romulo & MCSPCA
Ca - SanJose:  Hershel Walker, MMA Athletes Jason Miller, Daniel Cormier 
NY - Queens Community Anti-Bullying Gathering w/UFC 8 Contender Phillipe Nover
NY - Queens Community Anti-Bullying Gathering w/2010 Noth American Muay Thai Champion Chris Romulo
and UFC 8 Contender Phillipe Nover 
#2 - Nat'l PSA w/Jason 'Mayhem' Miller broadcasting over Clear Channel Affiliates
NJ - Manalapan Pine Brook Students expressing several forms of healthy outlets. Assembly hosted by Muay Thai Champion Chris Romulo 
BULLYING...We're Kickin' It