Cooking, baking, creating a meal that makes others salivate can be used as another positive outlet, that could be a rewarding delight, whether you turn into a sough after chef, open your own restaurant, work in the food industry or just enjoy sampling creative dishes and treats.  Food is essential for every breathing life form having many facets of involvement, exploring the various outlets of the industry can turn into a rewarding career or a healthy hobby.

'Comfort  foods' or the aroma of a delectable treat can trigger a fond memory. Some can be reminiscent of who made the food, where we ate it, who we were with, how it made us feel and is it the same each time we eat it.

“Comfort food" the fact that it's nourishing food served in a nurturing environment. Some people feel the most joy when they are with family or friends sharing a meal, having dessert or splitting a piece of Bazooka. It's not about the amount of money spent; it's about the quality of the overall experience. So enjoying food can rank extremely high on the happiness scale.

Food does play a role in our daily moods, we need to be aware of the quality of the foods we select, with some choices in moderation. ‘Let thy Food be thy Medicine’ what we fuel our bodies with each day, has a direct impact on how we feel emotionally, how well we focus and concentrate and whether we can sustain good energy levels all day…or battle fatigue. 

So guardians monitor your child’s consumption and selections. Be aware of the quality of food that you select each week. Always involve your children and keep it interesting and fun. Get your children involved have them pick items from whole foods, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Choose items together or unfamiliar items and explore together, while looking up nutritional facts and benefits to your new found edible treasure.

Food can be fun, interesting, delicious and comforting, but its the fulfillment that is found within our hearts that is what "Comfort Food" is really about.  Food should never be consumed to mask or hide unpleasant emotions.  Food should properly fuel our bodies and mind.

Kickin' It Kitchen...

Does your school have a great antibullying name for Kickin' It Cookies or Cupcakes, that is complemented by a unique flavor?  Submit your creative name and desired flavor(s) to Kickin' It. *One of the ingredients, to create your flavor must include a fruit or vegetable.  Upon submitting enclose an agreement form, where over 80% of the students agree on the name and flavor.

If Kickin' It chooses your schools idea, Jerseys Confections of a Rockstar will incorporate it into their menu.  If it sounds too delicious, Kickin' It and Confection of a Rockstar could send your school the ingredients, so together you can create, bake and sample your school creation!
Curious about Health & Nutrition & what works for your specific body.  Interested in the Nutrition field?

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its an Experience'
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