Music is a powerful healthy outlet, that can transcend us into another time or place, triggering fond memories or allowing us to daydream. Whether you would like music to be your profession, enjoy music as a hobby or you get lost in the lyrics allow music to be a positive outlet from negativity. 

​Music isn’t only lead singers and band members it takes an entire team of individuals to create the end result…You could play a key role in many facets of the music industry. With everyone working together and everyone taking pride in their role, we have the benefit of hearing the many diverse songs, lyrics and sounds that makes music a part of our lives, as music impacts every single one of us! 
Kickin' It w/ Music
Kickin' It w. J.D DeServio  Cycle of Pain and  Bassist for Black Label Society
Music impacts us in various ways….if your dream and desire is to be a part it, follow your passion and stay true to your craft. Some of you may find that a professional career is not possible but it doesn't’t mean music can’t inspire you. Allow music to motivate or encourage you. Find that beat that gets you moving. Recite those lyrics that make you laugh… and always dance to the beat of your own drum. 

**Are you an aspiring recording artist or have you created the hottest move, since the moonwalk...Send Kickin' It a video and/or recording as you belt out your favorite song, rock out on an instrument, strut your dance moves or recite your lyrics, each submission will receive a campaign role model card.

Kickin' It will review each submission...those that are truly inspiring Kickin' It will forward along to talent agencies for further consideration.

**Leader of the Band: Unite the students within your school; create anti-bullying lyrics to any song by a Kickin' It supporter listed here...and receive their role model card. 

Send the recording and/or video to Kickin' It. You will receive a role model card of the musician or band. If Kickin' It starts whistling that tune, your schools recording will be used on Kickin' Its Website. If the artist is impressed by the song, you will receive exclusive items from them!!**

Rules: The lyrics must be original and written by student(s) . Your group/name and title of the song must include a positive adjective. Upon submission state the names and grades of all students involved and why you choose a particular artist.
Kickin' It w/David Homyk 
BULLYING...We're Kickin' It