Is Your Child Protected? How Does the
 Anti-Bullying Laws Rank in Your State:
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MuayThai Champion Chris Romulo
UFC Athlete Kurt Pellegrino
prepared to Knockout Bullying
Rocky Marciano Jr., with the Kickin' It Council of Matawan Aberdeen Middle School, NJ
BULLYING...We're Kickin' It Red Carpet Event in Times Sq
Kickin Kids w/Rocky 'Soulman' Johnson
BULLYING...We're Kickin' It Red Carpet Event in Times Sq
Kickin It Kids w/Actor Jake T. Austin of The Fosters & Actor Josh Flitter of SNOWMEN
BULLYING...We're Kickin' It Event: 
Recess in Manhattan
Designer Calvin Klein 
Celebrity Stylist Lori Michaels


Mayor Engel of Colts Neck with Kickin' It Student Leaders
April 26th 2012
Eagle Oaks Event Farmingdale NJ:
Kickin' It Kids and Celebrity Supporters 

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Kickin' It proudly embraces all children from every gender, religious, social and financial background; as a social community we all need to accept one another and allow children to safely develop into their own unique individual. Kickin It aims to reduce bullying/negative behavior, aiding in improving the overall school and social climate by providing our youth with the strategies to balance self-confidence, take responsibility of their own actions and positively intervene to help another.
The Kickin' It Kids Center  located in Manalapan/Englishtown NJ; is the first and only of its kind in the Country welcoming all children beginning at age two. Supporting  children from early childhood throughout their school and social journey. The center provides academic advancement, positive outlet programs, life skill workshops, leadership workshops, a dynamic character building and empowerment curriculum, cultural and diversity appreciation, social poise workshops, manners and etiquette training.  Providing children with an in-depth understanding and appreciation of how exhibiting proper social behaviors are important to life's success.
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Kickin' It w/ Freehold VW
Aug 24th 2013 Community Event
Kickin' It w/the Chefs of: HELLS KITCHEN 
Chef Chez, Chef Barret, Chef Dan Ryan, Chef Jon Scallion, Chef Ray Alongi.
Actor Jose Hernandez Jr
Rocky Marciano Jr. - Black Water Rising
August 25th 2013 BBQ Fundraiser
Recording Nat'l PSA 
w/MMA Athlete Jason Mayhem Miller, Karen, Alyssa, Jason, GinaMarie
Kickin It Directors
Rocky Jr, Alan, GinaMarie, LoriAnn
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Kickin' It is the Charity Partner of the 
Martial Arts Kid On DVD  May 2016

Aug 2nd 2014

Bullying Were Kickin It
Kickin' It® is created to educate and support children preschool through college, positively impacting them to overcome negative obstacles by empowering them to develop into tolerant, healthy, independent respectful members of society; providing our youth with the tools and strategies to balance self-confidence, to be accountable for their actions and to positively intervene to help one another; educating and inspiring children through positive outlet programs, life skills workshops, character education, leadership qualities, diversity and culture awareness with in-depth understanding of accountability, appreciation of how exhibiting proper etiquette behaviors and social decorum are important to overall success.
Kickin' It provides schools across the country with antibullying activities, projects, intervention strategies, faculty support, in-service workshops to create peaceful classrooms, parent/guardian workshops and social media support. Kickin' It provides the tools to help improve the overall school climate and programs to help keep the anti-bullying message present throughout the year; ensuring all students a safe and healthy school and social experience.  Kickin' Its Director has created an NJEA endorsed antibullying workshop that provides educators, of all grade levels, the requirements mandated by State Antibullying Laws.

PreSchool, HomeSchool, Afterschool Programs, 
Positive Outlet Programs, Like Skill Workshops,
Leadership Workshops, Character Development, 
Academic Achievement, Guardian Programs, 
Student Work Training Program,
Mentoring, Summer Camps, 
School and Community Antibullying Resources.
Corporate Alignment
BULLYING...We're Kickin' It
BULLYING...We're Kickin' It
BULLYING...We're Kickin' It
501c3 National Non Profit Organization
Kickin' It Awarded
by MaryPat Christie

July 2016
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A N T I B U L L Y I N G   &   L E A D E R S H I P  C E N T E R

BULLYING takes physical, emotional and psychological tolls on a child and produces adverse socioeconomic outcomes. The Association for Psychological Science recently reported, those who are bullies and/or targets are more likely to experience poverty, academic failure and job termination in their adulthood than those who were neither. In addition, the affected individuals are more likely to commit crime and to abuse drugs and alcohol.​  Children need to be reached during their developmental years with resources and programs available to them throughout their school and social journey!